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Celebrating Over Forty Years of Great Taste!

Chicago has changed a lot since the first Rosati’s opened its doors. Our food hasn’t!

When the first Rosati’s restaurant opened in 1927, a streetcar ride cost a nickel. Stockyards covered the South Side, the city’s tallest building was twenty stories high, and Rosati’s was quickly becoming the place for authentic Italian cuisine.Today, the stockyards and streetcars are gone. Sears Tower and Big John raise over 100 stories. Yet, Rosati’s continues to deliver Italian cuisine that’s fresh, hot and delicious. We still use original Rosati family

We roast our own beef, and our pizza dough, sauces, lasagna and meatballs are all made from scratch daily. When it comes to pizza, we use our secret blend of three Italian cheeses, and pile on the fresh ingredients as if we were cooking for our own family. We even use an authentic baker’s oven. It may take a little longer than “assembly line” pizzas, but it creates a taste so delectable you’ll find it’s well worth the wait.


Local Ownership

Local Pizza connoisseur Patrick Bush, took ownership of the Rosatis Pizza on Ina Rd. in 2008. Patrick brought with him over 25 years of experience in the pizza business. The entire crew strives to deliver the tastes of authentic Chicago pizza as the Rosati’s brothers intended. Patrick continues to provide the highest quality food at not only the Ina Rd. location, but now at the corner of 6th street and Campbell. In 2011, Patrick took over management of Rosati’s on 6th and has introduced a new and improved atmosphere and commitment to product and service. You will most commonly find him working at either location, ensuring the satisfaction of his customers and employees.